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What we Do ?

What Gateway Consult Do? Gateway Consult and Builders Pvt. Ltd is a consulting and Construction firm that provides independent expertise in Engineering, Management and Legal related areas especially for the settlement of disputes in construction contract-management to Contractors, Consultants and Employer at national and/or multinational level. As an effort to meet the growing needs to offer services for Arbitration, Mediation, Adjudication, Counselling and so on. Most consulting engineering and legal services are offered through expert professionals consulting engineers and advocates who are sole practitioners. We advise on the matters of Constructional disputes arising under Nepalese laws and regulations, FIDIC condition of contract, ICC rules, UNICETRAL rules and PPMO Contracts as well as on international matters as per the terms and conditions of the Contract agreement between the parties.   Er. Tirtha Raj Karki Managing Director M.Sc in Water Resources Advocate Bikash Jung Karki L

Major Fields of Company

MAJOR FIELDS OF ACTIVITIES The Services of Gateway Consult and Builders Pvt. Ltd. available to Major Fields of activities  Structural Analysis & Design - Multi story apartment complex, Industrial buildings, Hospitals, Schools, Public Buildings and Hotels & Restaurants etc.  - Survey, Structural design, drawings (working & structural), cost-estimate, construction, supervision, monitoring and overall project management to ensure quality of work within timeframe and budget control system.  - Locally available technique to ensure the minimum hazard in different earthquake zones as per the provision envisaged by NBCode& IS Code without hampering social and natural environment. Transportation  a) Conventional i) Roads - Survey, Design of National Highway, Feeder Road, District Road, EFR Roads, Village and Urban Roads. - Initial Environmental Examination (IEE) and Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) - Contract Management and Quality Control of Construction Wo

Gateway Introduce Consult and Builders Company in Birtamode, Jhapa

Gateway Consult and Builders Pvt. Ltd was established as a multi disciplinary professional company in 2020 to provide expert technical services for comprehensive Civil Engineering, Architectural planning, Development, Research and consulting services as well as construction services to meet the demand of our Valuable Clients. We are aiming to continue growing and expanding our services all over Nepal. Young energetic, well-experienced and well-qualified Team Member in different disciplines with other supporting staff institute this firm. The new era has posed fresh challenges and unique demand in every sphere of life. These demands of the modern era are being geared by the ever increasing needs of effective management, professional expertise, information and knowledge to work as par international standards and outlook. In this scenario, we have programmed to offer the services of the organizational demand to meet their current requirement and update with the innovation and development