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The Services of Gateway Consult and Builders Pvt. Ltd. available to Major Fields of activities 

Structural Analysis & Design

- Multi story apartment complex, Industrial buildings, Hospitals, Schools, Public Buildings and Hotels & Restaurants etc. 

- Survey, Structural design, drawings (working & structural), cost-estimate, construction, supervision, monitoring and overall project management to ensure quality of work within timeframe and budget control system. 

- Locally available technique to ensure the minimum hazard in different earthquake zones as per the provision envisaged by NBCode& IS Code without hampering social and natural environment.


a) Conventional

i) Roads

- Survey, Design of National Highway, Feeder Road, District Road, EFR Roads, Village and Urban Roads.

- Initial Environmental Examination (IEE) and Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

- Contract Management and Quality Control of Construction Work.

- Construction (Rehabilitation, Re-construction, Maintenance, Up-grading) Supervision, Monitoring, Evaluation and Auditing of Environmental Friendly Roads, Rural & Agricultural Roads.

- Orientation Training to the Local Road Users, motivation and social mobilization of local people for the Construction of Rural & Agricultural Roads.

ii) Air-Transport

- Feasibility study and Detailed Engineering Study for STOL Airport in Nepal.

- Preparation Airport profile

- Model of Airport

iii) RCC and Steel-Bridges

-     Feasibility study and Detailed Engineering Study.

- Survey design and construction supervision for Culvert and Heavy concrete / steel Bridges with detail soil Investigation.

iv) Suspension and Suspended-bridge (Trail & Motor-able) 

- Turnkey Construction and Management of Trail Bridges

- Detail topography survey, Geological investigation for Suspension, Suspended, Steel Truss & Motor-able Stiffened bridges.

- Construction, Supervision and Erection of Bridges.

- Orientation of Training to local people, supervisors and overseersfor Suspension, Suspended, Truss Bridges and cable ways to help them construct, supervise, repairers, maintenance and protect by themselves. 


- Pre-Feasibility Study, Feasibility Study, Detail Engineering Survey, Geological Investigation and Hydro-logical Analysis of Small Micro Hydro Projects.

- Pre-Feasibility Study, Feasibility Study, Detail Engineering Survey and installment of Solar Power Energy System.

Irrigation, Water Supply, Sanitation and Sewerage

- Feasibility study, detail survey, design of Irrigation system, Gravity flow water supply scheme, Industrial Water supply scheme, ground water supply scheme, sewerage network and storm water disposal scheme with water and sewerage treatment plant.

- Detailed design drawings for intake, Reservoir, Break pressure tanks, overhead and underground water tank with detail planning of pipe network.

- Training in water supply & Sanitation to local people & Community Member of Rural Area.

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