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Gateway Consult and Builders Pvt. Ltd was established as a multi disciplinary professional company in 2020 to provide expert technical services for comprehensive Civil Engineering, Architectural planning, Development, Research and consulting services as well as construction services to meet the demand of our Valuable Clients. We are aiming to continue growing and expanding our services all over Nepal. Young energetic, well-experienced and well-qualified Team Member in different disciplines with other supporting staff institute this firm.

The new era has posed fresh challenges and unique demand in every sphere of life. These demands of the modern era are being geared by the ever increasing needs of effective management, professional expertise, information and knowledge to work as par international standards and outlook. In this scenario, we have programmed to offer the services of the organizational demand to meet their current requirement and update with the innovation and development taking place rapidly at local as well as international front.

This Company is dedicated to Nepal's development efforts and able to participate in a wide range of infrastructure development activities during professional tenure of last one year. This firm has been selected for different Engineering Services by national agencies. This firm has taken its identification not only in Civil Engineering but also has expanded its services in the field of community development, rural infrastructure, geology and geo-technology, agronomy and electrification.

Company's main policy is to participate in Nation’s Infrastructure Development ensuring quality, keeping transparency without exploitation by way of continuous monitoring and evaluation to achieve the goal and deliver the specified responsibilities.

Gateway Consult and Builders was formed by a group of energetic professional dedicated in the development of consultancy services. We are fully confident to carry out the works as required by the department of different activities. The proposal is prepared, based on the given terms of reference. The focus in this program would be directed towards the best use of CONSULTANT latest know-how and professional skills to produce desire outcomes.


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