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"Consult. Collaborate. Succeed."

Brings a wealth of expertise and leadership to the organization, driving strategic initiatives and fostering business growth.

"Excellence through Collaboration."

Succeed through Excellecny

"Success is not in what you have, but who you are." - Bo Bennett

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Our comprehensive services include:

"Consult. Collaborate. and Succeed through Excellency."

Gateway Consult was formed by a group of energetic professional dedicated in the development of consultancy services. We are fully confident to carry out the works as required by the department of different activities. The proposal is prepared, based on the given terms of reference. The focus in this program would be directed towards the best use of CONSULTANT latest know-how and professional skills to produce desire outcomes.

Gateway Consult was established as a multi disciplinary professional company to provide expert consulting services to meet the demand of our Valuable Clients. We are aiming to continue growing and expanding our services all over Nepal. Young energetic, well-experienced and well-qualified Team Member in different disciplines with other supporting staff institute this firm...

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What clients say about us

Bikash Jung Karki continues to make significant contributions to the business landscape in Nepal, leaving an indelible mark as a visionary leader, entrepreneur, and advocate for social change.

Bikram Pokhrel
Driector, New Vision Education Solution Pvt. Ltd

बिकश जङ कार्की उच्च महत्वाकांक्षी र समसामयिक परिवेश अनुसार आफुलाइ परिमार्जित गर्ने एक परिबर्तनकारी युबा हुन जो बद्लिदो युग को लागि बिज्ञान र प्रबिधि ले सन्सार लाई यौटा छानो मा अटाउने समयको लागि प्राविधिक ग्यान र बिकशित चेतना भयको युवा बर्ग को एक पद्प्रदर्शक हो! उहाँ ले विभिन्न उद्यमि र बिकाशिल क्षेत्र मा आफ्ना जिबन को उर्जाशिल समय खर्चिनु भयको छ!

Luna Thapa
Advocate / Content Writer

Bikash Jung Karki is one of the best consultant which is expertise in Customs ,management , legal related area which offer services through professional excellency.

Gita Dhakal
Government Teacher

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